Atari 2600 Hangman Editor


The Hangman editor is a web based utility that enables you to create your own custom Hangman ROM suitable for running on any Atari 2600 emulator or use on a real 2600. It works by taking your wordlist and patching it into the original Hangman ROM. You can also change the victim anyone on the wanted list below.

The Editor

Click HERE to launch the editor in a new window (requires Javascript) or HERE to open it in this window. If you haven't used the editor before please read the rest of this page!

Word List Format

The word list should be is ASCII format (like Notepad produces) and have one word per line. Each word should be a maximum of 6 and a minimum of 4 characters long. Use the letters A-Z and a-z only. Any non valid words will be ignored. The maximum number of words is 510 any additional words will be ignored, if you have less than 510 words entries from your wordlist will be repeated as necessary.

A sample wordlist with all the words taken from the names of 2600 games or manufacturers is available here.

The original Hangman word list is available here


Currently the Hangman Editor only produces NTSC Roms. This is because I don't have a PAL Rom to apply the edits to. However I've tested the NTSC ROM's produced on a PAL system and apart from some minor color differences they play fine.

Using the ROM on a real 2600

The easiest way to use the ROM on a real 2600 is via a SuperCharger or Harmony Cartridge. If you would like the ROM on real cartridge the nice folks at Atari Age will do the job for a $20.00 plus shipping.